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Steps for Developing an Oracle Form

Steps for Developing an Oracle Form

  •      Create/Use a table on which you want to have the form data stored.

                     Example: Create Table XX_SUPPLIER_INFO with the following columns.

                     CREATE TABLE XX_SUPPLIER_INFO

                     SUPPLIER_NAME    VARCHAR2(100),                     ADDRESS         VARCHAR2(100),
                     PHONE_NUM       NUMBER,
                     FAX             VARCHAR2(50),
                     EMAIL           VARCHAR2(50),

  •      Open Form builder à File à Connect.
              Connect to database.

  •    Open template.fmb file (You can find in $AU_TOP/forms/US)
  •     Click on Template and press F4 to change the name of module.
                   Example: XXSUPPLIER.

  •     In Object Navigator Right click on Data Blocks à Data Block Wizard à Next à Select Table or view à Next à Give table name (Example: XX_SUPPLIER_INFO) and tab out.
  •    List of columns will appear, move them to database items(right side) à next à next à Give data block name XXSUPPLIER à Next à Click on just create the data block à Finish.
  •   Data block XXSUPPLIER will be created. Press F4 on XXSUPPLIER to open property palette and assign subclass information as follows.

  •   For each column in data block provide the subclass information as below.

  •      Create a new canvas. Example: XXSUPPLIER and give subclass information as CANVAS.

  •      Create a new window by giving the above canvas and subclass information.

  •     Double click on XXSUPPLIER canvas, a layout will open, place a frame in the layout and  press F4 on frame and give the following information. (This can be performed by the data wizard while creating the data block also)

Subclass information: FRAME_RECT
Layout Data Block: XXSUPPLIER
Layout Style: Tabular
Number of Records to be displayed: 4

  •      Go to each item in Data block and give the canvas as XXSUPPLIER.

  •        Now arrange the fields in the layout accordingly.

  •   Press F4 on XXSUPPLIER canvas and give window as XXSUPPLIER.

  •                 Press F4 on XXSUPPLIER module and give first navigation data block as                   XXSUPPLIER.

  •    Go to PRE FORM trigger and give the set_window_position as XXSUPPLIER.

  •    Go to APP_CUSTOM package body and give if (wnd = 'XXSUPPLIER') then

  •    Now save the form as XXSUPPLIER.fmb and move it to application_top/form/us folder.
  •   Compile the form using the code

frmcmp_batch module=<Folder Path> /XXSUPPLIER.fmb userid=apps/<pwd> output_file=<application top>/forms/US/XXSUPPLIER.fmx module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

  •    Once the form is successfully compiled we will get XXSUPPLIER.fmx otherwise if any error occurs it will be mentioned in XXSUPPLIER.err
  •   Create a Form in oracle Application. Go to Application Developer à Application à Form

  •  Create a Function Go to Application à Function

  •    Assign it to a Menu. System Administrator responsibility à Application à Menu

  •    Go to that responsibility and open the form and we can enter the details and save and it will reflect in XX_SUPPLIER_INFO table.

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